At the beach is happening a lot - a huge family, all dressed alike, does beach gymnastics, girls teasing boys and vice versa, others are taking a sunbath, building sandcastles, surf, swim or having extraordinary encounterns with marine creatures. A danced wimmelbook inspired by Suzy Lees' "The Wave" and Jacques Tatis "Monsieur Hulot's Holidays".

concept, choreography & performer Birgit Wieger performers & co-creators Ecrin, Fatima, Rami, Antonio, Yaren, Aida,Ida, Balimnas, Rayan, Lena, Ecrin B., Fahim, Dib, Angelo, Theodora, Rengin, Nour, Tasim, Kassem, Leon C., Leon K. producer body.text.ure supported by Senatsverwaltung für Bildung, Jugend & Wissenschaft Berlin