On car seats and benches the joung people chill, laugh, dream and think- up there on the ninth parking deck. They enjoy the feeling of freedom. And meanwhile the everyday life goes on down in the streets, stories evolve. Dresden's voices are heard and the voices of the young people - votes of the city. A drive-in theatre project on the 9th level of Parkhaus Mitte Dresden, based on interviews with people from the neighbourhood around the car park and the dreams and imaginations of the performers. "Stimmen der Stadt" is part of the series "Stadtvermessen" createt by Armin Beber.

concept, direction & choreography Birgit Wieger performers & co-creators Nora Bernsdorf, Paul Böhme, Max Friedrich, Helena Goerigh, Eric Jacobasch, Sophie Hausmann, Julia Heckemann, Arvid Kaniewski, Franz Kille, Maria Kille, Marcel Legler, Felix Lentz, Johanna Lohse, Franz Macher, Donata Möckel, Ann-Sophie Müller, Thuy Linh Ngyuen, Jessica Nielsen, Florian Pütsch, Clarissa Pyper, Maria Seyffer, Franz Stockmann, Luisa Wagner, Valentin Waldleben, Andre Prenic, Ferdinand Wenke, Hendrik Wulfskühler dramaturgy Ina Klose technique Holger Schantz, Hagen Schröder assistant director Tina Reuter producer THEATER JUNGE GENERATION DRESDEN