PARADISO is a marvelous Place. Home of the Slim-Fin-Swimmers, the dissimilar Twins, Mo - the secret Superhero and the Stacking-Sisters. A world of wonderful music, incredible smells and strange stories. Come in and immerse in their fantastic world !
A Mix of dancetheatre & cirque nouveau.

concept, direction & choreography Birgit Wieger performers & co-creators Aida, Antonio, Balimnas, Batoul, Belinay, Cemre, Ecrin, Ecrin, Ela, Esma, Fatima, Firdevs, Gizem, Hasan, Jasmin, Khalid, Lena, Nasar, Nisanur, Nour, Tahia, Tuana, Umalt, Yadesu & Zeliha producer body.text.ure supported by Senatsverwaltung für Bildung, Jugend & Wissenschaft Berlin