O Food, your glory is so great, Strength of limbs you generate.
It should be of our own choice, Or with guileless friends rejoice.
O delicious, sweet luscious food, Come; see all health it includes.
All guile and ill health elude, Keep away bad mood & feud...
(C. P. Sharma)

INSITUATIONEN II was an interactive performance for the opening of the "Rundgang/Open Studios 2016" at HBK/ Braunschweig (University of Fine Arts/ Braunschweig).

concept & performance Birgit Wieger & Sonja Alhäuser marzipansculptures Sonja Alhäuser performer & co-creators students of the class Sonja Alhäuser/HBK producer Birgit Wieger & Sonja Alhäuser supported by HBK Braunschweig