Nietzsche, Nico, Nirvana, identity, dead deer, terrorists, fresh fruit and grandfather's glass eye...these are the elements of Family Matters. In his new piece theatre-maker Jochen Stechmann- joined live by his mother, Margrit- takes a personal and intimate look at the way of family histories. What does it mean to be German nowadays? Can we ever outlive the sins of our fathers? These are difficult and delicate questions, especially when it turns out that Jochen's grandparents seem to fit the stereotypes of Third Reich sympathizers.

This semi-autobiographical performance reflects upon a set of symbolic objects representing both collective and personal history. A semidocumentary attempt to negotiate an honest position between confrontation of the past and a final reconciliation with it, using dance, song and drama to move towards the future.

concept & performance Jochen Stechmann performance Margrit Stechmann live voice over & Vjane Birgit Wieger light & technique Dennis van Paassen, Felix Grimm final direction Titus Muizelaar

Family Matters is a DasArts Final Project produced by Theater Zeebelt, Den Haag and Stichting Traum-A