Caleidoscope tells from a child's perspective about what it is like to grow up in challenging circumstances and the balancing act of being a child and sometimes having to behave like an adult. It is a dance performance about dreams, playing, love and hope. A piece about strength, vulnerability and cohesion.

concept, direction & choreography Birgit Wieger performer & co-creators Ali, Amina, Angelina, Awa, Aysegül, Ecrin K., Ecrin Z. , Emirhan, Fatima, Havva Nur, Ilona, Julia, Khadija, Khalil, Layan, Luka, Mafalda, Maja, Mariam, Medina, Mislina, Mohamad, Niko, Rebeka, Senanur, Shatun, Sundus, Vy, Yadesu, Yagmur, Zelanur, Zerya producer body.text.ure supported by Senatsverwaltung für Bildung, Jugend & Familie Berlin