The wind as a metapher for freedom, change and imagination. It can be warm, gentle, almost tender; it can also be ice cold, messy, and can develop immense forces. Then, sudden calm.

The performance is based on experiences with limitless space by windexsperiments in the desert, as well as on philosophical and physical researches.

What influence do winds have on flying? What happens when different winds meet? Can you collect winds? The phenomenon of wind stillness and the secrets connected with it play a special role. The search for the hidden provokes crossing boundaries, with all the consequences that can result from the elimination of restrictions and the exploration of the resulting possibilities.

concept & direction Norbert Mauk artistic assistance Birgit Wieger performer & co-creators Birgit Wieger, Halka Tresnàkovà, Marc Pohl objects & costumes Birgit Wieger, Halka Tresnàkovà, Marc Pohl music David Vrbik video Andrea Keitz technique Holger Hansen producer Förderband e.V. supported by MimeCentrum Berlin